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Training Center was established on March, 2008 which offer courses of SMAW NC-I & II, and currently accredited with the TECHNICAL EDUCATIONAL AND SKILLS DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (TESDA-CAMANAVA).   It was remarkable to note that the class for batch 1 commenced last March 2, 2008 with 33 enrollees and only 24 of them have completed the course.   The 1st graduation was held on September 27, 2008 where most of them are now project hired of  CHESTEEL MARINE INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION.    Interestingly,  four (4) of them are passers from the assessment for welder conducted by TESDA-CAMANAVA,  two (2) of them have passed as “classed welder” with the AMERICAN BUREAU OF SHIPPING (ABS) while the rest of them are now project hired as spotter/helper.

The  2nd batch class started last July 14, 2008  with 21 enrollees, 17 of them have completed the SMAW NC-I course.  Last February 28, 2009 the graduation of the 2nd batch class was held at M/S NOAH Function Hall.  It was worthy to mention that some of our guest are the Barangay  Chairman of Tanza and his wife, Mr.

John Rey Tiangco, brother of Navotas City Mayor Toby Tiangco, and of course, the representative from TESDA-Camanava, Ms. Ruby Mamaril.   Some of the 2nd batch graduates are now employed with Chesteel as project hired while the others are employed with the other company. 

SMAW NC-II course was newly introduced last December 2, 2008  with 15 enrollees and one of them had drop-out.   The 3rd batch course was finished last April 2009.   Participants of this course are undergoing  the ON-THE-JOB training in different assignment. Their graduation was tentatively scheduled on August 15, 2009 at  M/S NOAH Function Hall at 2pm.











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